Compliance with the information report stipulated in article 10 of Ley 34/2002 of July 11 of Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, Sach4events. as the owner of the site www.sach4events.ces, it reports the identifiable information required by the standard:

Social name: Antonio Domingos Borracheiro Lopez
Tax ID: 31857683S
Social domicile: C / Roses, 30-03013 Santa pola (Alicante)
Phone: +34642 29 19 30 / +351934618 402
Up-to-date compliance information and usage rules, limits of liability and obligations, users of the web page that publishes the domain name, if commitment is guaranteed.


The simple and most used use of the Page to optimize the use of the Page, as well as the natural or legal person of the sea, and implies the complete, full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general terms and conditions included in the Legal Notice. . If the User does not comply with the terms and conditions of use of this Legal Notice, refraining from using the Page. This disclaimer is subject to change and update to the version published by Sach4events. may differ from time to time according to the Portal. For example, the User should read the Legal Notice in all situations where an account is accessed on the Page.

Through the website, makes it easy for users to access and use various content posted on the Internet media by Sach4events. or by selected thirds.

The User is obligated to commit to use the Current Law Compliance Page and Contents, the Legal Notice, and other puestant notice or instructions accordingly, welcome to the middle of the ocean by this legal notice or any other location. within the content that complies with the page, such as the rules of coexistence, the generally accepted moral and commercial customs. In this case, the User undertakes and does NOT use any content with fines or illicit effects, prohibited in the Legal Notice or the current law, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or in any way that may damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or prevent normal use of the contents, computer equipment or documents, archives and all contents stored in any appropriate computer equipment or contracted by Sach4events. hardware and software).

The User must compromise and not transmit, disseminate or place the content distribution device classified as material contained on the Page, tales such as information, text, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and / or images, photographs, screenshots, software, logos, trademarks, icons, technology, photos, software, links, graphic graphics and source codes, or other material other than road access in the channel of use of the page, without this limiting character enumeration. Asimism, compliance with the entire link, the User will not:

- Reproduce, copy, distribute, copy and discard the provider or formal public form, alter or modify the contents, unless permitted by Sach4events' written and explicit permission. allowed.
- Delete, manipulate or otherwise manipulate the “copyright” and identifying data of the Sach4events copyright reservation. holders, huellas and / or digital identifiers, other schemes of other technical means established for their recognition.
The User refrains from obtaining and intentionally obtaining the Containers used for the various means or procedures which, in the latter case, have been disposed of or have indicated to this effect on the websites between the contents or, generally those that are usually installed on the Internet, an effect that does not appear to exist in the user's life or in rendering the page and / or content unusable.


All trademarks, trade names, or distinctive signs of any class that appear on the page created by Sach4events. o, in the case of third parties that allowed use, otherwise, the use or access to the Portal and / or the Content attributed to the User derogate from the mentioned marks, trade names and / or distinctive signs, and without the pendulum provided by the user. in the User, no one of the existing exploits or existing data on contained data. Like the content provided by Sach4events., Or third parties in the case, therefore, the intellectual property rights owned by Sach4events., Or third parties that have authorization to use, one quienes corresponds to the exclusive exercise of the rights of exploitation of mechanisms in the cualquier y format, in particular, reproduction, distribution, public communication and processing. Unauthorized use of information on this Web site, such as damage to Sach4events intellectual or industrial property rights. or third parties included on the page that you have provided will be placed in legally established responsibilities.


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- No prior authorization is required for the use of Hyperlink, to allow exclusive access to the homepage without reproduction in any way. Another type of Hyperlink requires the express and unambiguous written permission of Sach4events.
- Does not create "milestones" ("frames") with web pages on top of Sach4events web pages.
- Do not make false, inaccurate, or offensive statements or indications about Sach4 events. the directors, employees or collaborators, the people who relate to the page for a specific reason, the page user, the content of the administrators.
- It is not stated that you can understand Sach4events. has authorized Hyperlink or has supervised or requested the formatting of common or popular content at the disposal of the Web page establishing the Hyperlink.
- The web page where solo Hyperlink can be established can take the path strictly necessary to identify the destination of Hyperlink.
- The web page where Hyperenviar is available does not contain illicit information or content, controls the morale and general conveniences generally accepted and ordered by the public, as well as the content contained in contrast to the exception calculations.


Sach4events. There is no guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the page in Contents, which may be updated, but will not be displayed in the event of an error if it occurs, avoided or updated. Therefore, Sach4events. is not responsible for the data or rights of the type of product produced by the user that causes or disconnects the telecommunications networks that cause the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Portal service during the provision of the service or previous behavior.

Sach4events. exclude, with the exceptions contemplated by applicable law, a provider of liability for parents and children of all kinds that endangers the unavailability, continuity, or quality of the page and content, without complicity in the useful opinion that users may assign to page ya of the contents.

The Hyperenlaces function that appears on this Web is unique to inform the user about the existence of other Webs that contain information about the subject. Hyperlinked dichos in the constitution suggest no recommendation at all.

Sach4events. is not responsible for the contents of linked pages, the functioning or usefulness of hyperlinks in the result of linked links, warrants the absence of viruses or other elements in systems that cause changes in the computer system (hardware and software), user documents or tokens. , excluding the provider responsible for the classic qualifier provider data, for example, use for this reason.

Access to the page does not imply the obligation on the part of Sach4events. to control the absence of the virus, gusanos or any other computer element damage. In any case, the user is responsible for the availability of appropriate inheritance for the detection and disinfection of computer programs, for example, Sach4events. no liability whatsoever for the possible security errors that occurred while rendering the page service on the possible data that was posted


Given the dynamic and alternative environment of the information and services that are managed through the page, Sach4events. perform the best performance, do not guarantee the complete veracity, accuracy, reliability, usefulness and / or updating of the contents. The information contained in the pages that make up this Portal display only informative, advisory, disseminated and advertising characters. In case of binding or contractual recovery.


Sach4events. exclude all responsibility for the decisions the user decides to make based on this information, as well as any typographical errors that cause problems with page documents and graphics. Information is available at possible periodic changes without notice about the content of the enhancement, enhancement, correction or updating of the contents.


All notifications and communications from Sach4events. The user performed by the average meter considers the efficiencies in all effects.


The service of the Page service and the Content is in principle indefinite duration. Sach4events., Notwithstanding, there is permission to terminate or suspend the provision of services of the Page and / or content content of the content at the present time. When it is reasonably possible, Sach4events. announce in advance the termination or suspension of the page.


Sach4events. If conscious of the importation of personal data privacy and by it, it has implemented a data processing policy oriented towards a maximum security of use and recognition of systems, ensuring the cumulative normative vigilance in policy material and configuration as one of the basic pillars in the entity's lines of action. When browsing the site www.sach4events.ces, you can request personal data or different types of forms available in the project. Data that is part of the relevant data in function of the determined and concrete purpose that motivates their recovery. In this way, the information specific to each data processing will be displayed next to each web form, as well as all those responsible for the file: Sach4events., Domiciled at C / Rosas, 30 - 03130 Santa Pola (Alicante), as the place and form of exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which it will formalize using written communication to the previously written direction, including copy of DNI or equivalent identification document. In case you assume that the data is sent by an electronic email message, the editing mechanism of part of a file as a finalization will be the request or comment request that will be made, applying the rest of the extremes indicated in the previous point.

Thus, the general conditions for contracting the services of Sach4events., Contain the resources and the nature of the processing of the data that will be developed by the misma in the supine of the ellos contract. On the other hand, Sach4events. has implemented technical measures and organizational requirements to prevent damage, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and access to personal data and personal data that may interfere with the use of achieving access to different sections of the website by applying the security provided for in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21 by those who approve the Ley Orgânica Development Regulations 15/1999 of December 13 of Personal Data Protection.


For matters relating to the interpretation, application and supplementation of this Legal Notice, such as complaints and claims related to use, all parties to the proceedings may appear in the Courts and Courts of Grenada, waiving the form expressly provided by another fuero attorney who could correspondderles. Applicable law El Legal Notice is applicable by law in Spanish. © Copyright 2018 - Sach4events.

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